Aug 11, 2013

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Groove Coaster Zero, Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration

Groove Coaster Zero, Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration


Taito Corporation and GungHo Online Entertainment announced a  special collaboration between Taito’s Groove Coaster Zero and GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons.

For a limited time, the rhythm game Groove Coaster will have levels with original and remixed background music from Puzzle & Dragons available for play.  One of the Puzzle & Dragons tracks to feature in Groove Coaster Zero is a remixed version of “Departure.”  This track will be available to play for free as a level in Groove Coaster Zero for the duration of this collaboration event. In addition, there will be a pack will be available that will feature three more Puzzle &Dragons tracks as well as an avatar of King Metal Dragon from Puzzle & Dragons.  This deluxe pack will remain available even after the collaboration event has ended.


At the same time, Puzzle & Dragons will feature some Groove Coaster Zero-themed dungeons.  Also, versions of characters from Space Invaders – like Octopus, Crab, Squid, and UFO - will make an appearance in these Groove Coaster Zero-themed dungeons during this event.

This collaboration will take place August 12 to 25, so make sure you have these apps on your mobile device so you can take part in this special collaborative event.

[Source: Square Enix]