Aug 6, 2013

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Square Enix Announces Guardian Cross for Android

Square Enix Announces Guardian Cross for Android


Square Enix announced today their new game for Android devices called Guardian Cross, which will be available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. Originally released for iOS devices, Guardian Cross‘ debut on Android devices flaunts some new exclusive features, some of which include some new and unique artwork.  In addition, new guardians, hunting grounds, and quests will be added via updates.

There are several modes of play.  In one mode, the player is tasked with capturing a variety of over 120 creatures in a first-person shooter mini game.  Another mode is a turn-based card games that pits one player against a single opponent.  There are also several multiplayer modes in which players can battle and trade cards with other players all over the world.  Guardian Cross is known for being the most downloaded original title that Square Enix has sold on the iOS.  Hopefully the same will hold true for its Android counterpart.

For more information, visit Guardian Crossofficial site.

[Source: Square Enix]