Aug 6, 2013

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PlayStation Vita Firmware 2.60 Released

PlayStation Vita Firmware 2.60 Released


Today Sony has released a brand new firmware for the PlayStation Vita. Some nice new features has been added, some are even hidden, so here is a quick walkthrough of the PlayStation Vita firmware 2.60 update. Quicker Access to Cloud Saves The main new feature is the addition of a PlayStation Plus button on live arena for games. When loading a game now, you will see the following:


When clicked on, you now go onto a new menu which gives you details on the last uploaded save,  you can upload and download from cloud storage, and you have the ability to switch on auto upload. This was a much needed feature, as before the update, uploading and downloading had to be done via Content Manager, which could be a rather big task to undertake.

Quick Settings

Remember the method of switching off WiFi, or Bluetooth, well today that has been made much easier. You can now access these toggles by holding the PS Button in the home menu or a Vita Game.


Furthermore, this menu can now be accessed in a PSP or PS1 game, meaning you can toggle flight mode, wifi, turn the brightness down and more while playing your classic games. When playing a PS1 or PSP game, a new settings options will also appear in this menu with the name of the game playing next to it. This is the new way to access the settings for PSP and PS1 games, meaning you now hold the PS Button and then press settings now rather than the old method, which was holding the touchscreen for a few seconds.

 Media Streaming

If you transfer music, video, games files than your in for a treat. An option has been added to the Music and Video applications to access and stream videos or music that is stored on a PC running content manager. This is a fantastic addition as this will really help owners running on smaller memory card, or don’t want to wait for files to transfer. This will also work with a PS3 system, so even if you store music via the PS3, or videos for that matter, you can now play it on your Vita without transferring it over. There are a few things to note: unlike locally stored music, streamed music cannot be played in the background, or while playing Vita games, also, videos are still limited to formats that Vita supports.


Other Features

While smaller, there are a few other changes worth noting. Both the Content Manager and Photo applications have been given a live arena redesign. The background for the Photo application has been changed as well. Support for more video formats has been added to the web browser. Device has been added as a new setting section, although only Bluetooth currently lives there. Finally, privacy settings has been added for trophy sharing, and the home menu has been tweaked with anti aliasing being added for the application bubbles. Hit the gallery for screens of the other features, including a more detailed look at cloud storage.

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