Aug 2, 2013

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Rumble Fighter Finally Updated

Rumble Fighter Finally Updated


OGPlanet, publisher of popular free-to-play multiplayer online games like SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, just released an update for their six-year-old game Rumble Fighter entitled Rumble Fighter: Reloaded.  This update will supply North American players with a bunch of new and exciting key features.  These include:

  • Plaza - a new gathering place for players to take a break, chat, and even go fishing for rewards
  • Quest System - a new system for players to earn great rewards by completing daily quests.
  • D-H-SBASE - this new Adventure Mode scenario challenges players to infiltrate Dr. Nature’s D-H-SBASE and defeat Big Dog to gain Boss Mode Set pieces.
  • New Battle Maps - Two new war-torn maps, Basseterre Bridge and Overpass, offer challenging feats to overcome and are available in both Battle Mode and Rumble Mode – Arena.
  • New Items -  The update includes a Random Box which players can open for rare items.  In addition, the newly released Scrolls and ExoCores allow players to unleash special powers and fighting tactics.
  • Improved Training Mode - Players are now able to train on various maps, toggle training NPC settings, and recall training NPCs to their current location.

For more information on this update, go to their official website.

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