Aug 2, 2013

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Rise of the Triad Launch Plagued With Performance Issues (Update)

Rise of the Triad Launch Plagued With Performance Issues (Update)


Are you excited to pick up the great new Vivid Gamer-approved Rise of the Triad revival? If your answer is “yes,” then I have sad news for you – the game is suffering from numerous performance issues, from poor framerates, stuttering, sudden framerate drops, and many, many more. The Steam forums are abuzz with complaints, dubious user fixes, and other such nonsense.

Players with absolute beasts of machines report framerates between 10-20fps, with dips to single digits – even on the lowest graphics settings, even when editing the .ini files to basically switch off everything. This, coupled with the fact that mouse smoothing – an egregious edition to be sure – is switched on by default.

Some fixes have been more helpful than others. Downloading the most recent AMD beta drivers is reportedly a boon to performance, and a lot of the .ini edits have been praised by a fair few as doubling their framerates. The developers are keeping an eye on everything – “WE ARE LISTENING,” they say on the Steam forums. They point out – they are an independent company, making a game with their own money, and they are as disappointed, if not more so, by these turn of events as gamers are. “WE WILL FIX ALL THE THINGS.”

Promising words. Until then, however, people interested in Rise of the Triad may be wise to wait it out. It is a shame – the game is a ton of fun, as many can attest. Its just a really poorly optimized ton of fun.

Update: Hooray! Patch 1.0.1 has been released, and Game Director Frederik Schreiber has taken to the Steam forums to explain the situation.

“Day 1 is never without issues, and we are looking into every single thread you guys have posted, offering help, performance tweaks and guides on how to improve the game,” he writes. “We are currently working on a big Patch – 1.1 – Which will address many of the issues we have gathered from all of your feedback.”

Patch 1.0.1 only fixes a few small things – offline LAN support, mostly – but with a promised, much larger patch on the way, things are looking a bit more up than they were at the start of the day. It’s been a disappointing launch, for sure, but things should be resolved soon. (Though I recommend potential buyers to remain vigilant, regardless – the devs could still all spontaneously combust into ludicrous gibs.)