Jul 27, 2013

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Nintendo Reapplies for Eternal Darkness Trademark

Nintendo Reapplies for Eternal Darkness Trademark


Following the reboot of the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter, more news has come forth related to its predecessor, Eternal Darkness. According to My Nintendo News, “Nintendo of America hasĀ filed and reapplied for a trademark for the critically acclaimed Eternal Darkness on July 23rd.” It is not that uncommon for a company to renew its trademarks, so that no one can steal it, however, that is not the case here.

Interestingly enough, Nintendo applied for an entirely new trademark instead of renewing or changing the existing one. What could this mean then? A possible direct sequel to Eternal Darkness, unlike the spiritual successor, Shadow of the Eternals? An HD remake of the original GameCube game? Sound off in the comments below what you think this means and what you would like to see Nintendo do with the Eternal Darkness IP.

[Source: My Nintendo News]