Jul 27, 2013

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FEZ 2 Cancelled After Twitter Blowout

FEZ 2 Cancelled After Twitter Blowout


In a day where it’s so very easy to trade poisonous and hateful words between two or more parties, it has become common to see insults hurled over social media outlets. In one of the latest, FEZ creator Phil Fish took to Twitter to express his dislike for comments made by Marcus Beer about him during an episode of GameTrailer’s Invisible Walls. In his anger, Fish tweeted the suggestion for Beer to “kill himself” (a Futurama reference, apparently). From there, people on both sides took to exchanging promises of violence and such. Fish’s last tweet before setting his account to protected was to say that FEZ II was cancelled.

While we do not know if the project is truly cancelled or just something spoken in the heat of the moment, the fact that this has escalated so far and so quickly is truly frightful. I don’t think that Fish should have made the remark he did about Beer killing himself. I feel that no matter what is said to us, about us… Telling someone to do harm to themselves (even if it’s just venting your frustration and not meaning it literally) is the wrong thing to do.  It’s hard to keep your emotions in check and not make a remark to those whom you feel personally attack you.

As I truly hate seeing such drama, I do think that it serves to show us that why we need to step back and rethink what words we want to say. Because in a case like this, the victim can easily turn into a bully. Though we all have the right to say whatever we want, it is still our responsibility to make sure we don’t carelessly sling out remarks that can appear to promote violence. One thing that people don’t seem to realize is how difficult it is to discern the tone one’s words carry. You could make a sarcastic remark and have someone easily take it to be serious. That is when things are known to blow out of proportion and you have trouble taking back what was said.

Polytron has tweeted the reconfirmation of the cancellation of FEZ II since this whole issue has taken place. This is sad news for fans of FEZ who had hopes of seeing the sequel come to life.

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