Jul 26, 2013

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Natsume Reveals Pre-order Plushie Bonus for Hometown Story

Natsume Reveals Pre-order Plushie Bonus for Hometown Story


Love plushies? I do. I’ll admit as a kid I had an enormous collection of them; moving and money have forced me to curtail my desire for stuffed creatures, but I can almost never resist a cute one, especially if it’s a free pre-order bonus. This morning, Natsume revealed that one of two ember plushies will be included as pre-order bonuses, depending on which retailer you use.

hometownstory_greenember The green ember plushie, which was also given out at E3 to press and those who played a certain amount of Natsume’s games in their booth, will be a bonus if you order from Gamestop.

The red ember plushie will also be available, although Natsume promised via twitter that details of how to get this doll are coming soon. My guess? The game is not yet even listed on Amazon (though it will be, Natsume confirmed via tweet), so it’s likely that’s where you’ll find the second plush.


I was lucky to pick up the green one already at E3, so I’m definitely after the red one. We’ll update as soon as we have more details on how you can get your hands on it.

Hometown Story, which should appeal to those of you who like games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, will release this October 14 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

UPDATE: It turns out I was mistaken. The green ember that comes with Gamestop preorders is not the same as was handed out at E3; that one is blue. Natsume clarified that on twitter for us: “No, the E3 Ember is BLUE :)”

Looks like I *might* be ordering two copies so I can have the full set.

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