Jul 26, 2013

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Chaos Rings Arrives On PlayStation Mobile Platform

Chaos Rings Arrives On PlayStation Mobile Platform

Chaos Rings v1.0.0 Offline apk


After topping the Apple App Store in 15 countries, and having decent susses on the Google Play Store, Square Enix’s mobile RPG Chaos Rings has arrived on the PlayStation Mobile platform.

For people not in the know, PlayStation Mobile is a market for PlayStation-certified Android devices as well as the PlayStation Vita where publishers can create games; the development kit is even free to download. In Chaos Rings, four pairs of men and women are sent by a mysterious force into a fight to the death. The story is brought to life thanks to the beautiful Japanese voice acting, which of course, have English subtitles. The PlayStation Mobile version adds support for Vita’s Joysticks, D-Pad and face buttons. Some Android devices that support PlayStation Mobile even have support for use of a PS3 controller.

Chaos Rings is now available to download for $7.99 in the US, or £6.49 in the UK, so get your PlayStation Vita out and enjoy this awesome mobile RPG on that glorious OLED screen.

[Source: Square Enix]