Jul 25, 2013

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Secret Files: Sam Peters Announced

Secret Files: Sam Peters Announced


Deep Silver announced today that the spin-off title Secret Files: Sam Peters would be making its way to European PCs in a couple of months time. In Secret Files: Sam Peters, Secret Files 2‘s Sam Peters is the star as she has to survive her jungle exploration in hopes of uncovering the story behind the discovery of changes in the genetic code of the African aquatic animals.

But lack of the luxuries one takes for granted in their home country is the least of her problems as myths are told of Asanbosam, humanlike creatures that prey on humans during the dead of night. It is also told that they drain their victims of their blood. Sam Peters has to find out just how far she is willing to go to get this ront-page news.

Secret Files: Sam Peters will be available for purchase on September 27 for € 9,99 Euro.

[Source: Deep Silver]