Jul 25, 2013

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New Behind-the-Scenes Trailer for BEYOND: Two Souls

New Behind-the-Scenes Trailer for BEYOND: Two Souls

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Quantic Dream and Sony have released a new trailer for their upcoming action-adventure title BEYOND: Two Souls, highlighting the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into developing the game. Although the clip is only three minutes in length, we are rewarded with glimpses of Ellen Page’s character, Jodie Holmes, and more details on gameplay mechanics. For instance, the team emphasizes a discreet interface that aims to focus more on what the player is experiencing on screen rather than figuring out which buttons to press down. They go on to elaborate upon the game’s unique elements such as movement, which becomes dependent on environments and situations. As illustrated in the clip, Jodie may be speeding down the streets on a motorcycle one day and skiing across snowy grounds a few scenes later. Additionally, since the story spans across 15 years of Jodie’s life, we also get to witness Jodie as a child, a rebellious teen in her goth stage, and a classy adult. Variety is certainly not an issue when it comes to this game.

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What interests me the most is definitely the gameplay mechanics since the aim is to create an ideal interface that will allow players to just “do it” instead of “thinking.” Judging from the trailers we have seen to date, Jodie will be coming in conflict with many hostile environments, and I’m just curious if minimal button combinations will deliver an enjoyable experience both off and on screen.

BEYOND: Two Souls is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that will launch in October 2013.

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