Jul 25, 2013

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Indie Game: The Movie Likely the First Film with Achievements, DLC

Indie Game: The Movie Likely the First Film with Achievements, DLC

The critically-acclaimed, award-winning, and (in this writer’s opinion) damn smashing documentary Indie Game: The Movie has received Special Edition content today. The content, amounting to around 100+ hours of extra HD video, chronicles – for the most part – the events that happened after Indie Game: The Movie wrapped up. For example: when Indie Game: The Movie was released, FEZ hadn’t been released, let alone had it expired its XBLA exclusivity period to have found its way onto PC. Ed McMillen had found the time to work on two new games, and Jonathan Blow… well. The Witness isn’t merely a concept blowing around in his head, having manifested itself as a PS4 launch title. In other words: a lot has changed.

However: the extra footage, alongside more commentaries from both Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat, and the film’s co-directors, Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky, is but some of the greatness released today for the film. According to the directors, it is now – as far as they know, of course – the first movie with Steam achievements and DLC. Oh, and Steam Trading Cards. Because of course.

It is quite daft, if charming; the idea of getting an achievement for watching the film, and watching it with the commentary, and so on, and so forth. Less ridiculous is the idea of the DLC. If you have the Steam edition of Indie Game: The Movie, the Special Edition features are but a paltry $5 extra. As much as streaming services like Netflix are often lauded as the future of video content distribution, I feel like Indie Game‘s gone a direction I am very much in approval of – essentially, downloading a whole Blu-ray collection, menus, special features ‘n all. That is cool. You guys agree with me, that’s pretty cool, eh? I think so.

You can check out Indie Game: The Movie – Special Edition either as a download from Steam or directly from the creators, or in a limited edition three-disc set that also includes bonus art sheets from Ed McMillen.

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