Jul 23, 2013

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Plants vs. Zombies Mega Munny Auction for Charity is Now Live

Plants vs. Zombies Mega Munny Auction for Charity is Now Live

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PopCap’s customized Mega Munny dolls infested San Diego Comic-Con with an impressive lineup of 25 unique characters. These custom 18-inch vinyl figures are now up for auction through eBay Giving Works. Bidding started at $100 and have steadily risen to a whopping $500 for some figures. The design variation is stunning, and the different mediums that were utilized to create each figure demonstrate impeccable detailing on behalf of the artists. What is more important is that all the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Child’s Play charity, a game industry charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of children in hospitals around the world through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play.

Among the selection of eye-grabbing zombies, a zombified male Commander Shepard from the renowned Mass Effect franchise and Faith from Mirror’s Edge are up for grabs. Check them out below.




While other figures are more generic such as the Pirate Zombie or Mummy Munny, they are unquestionably worth taking a closer look at for both collectors and non-collectors alike. Depending on the materials used, the figurines are noted for being fragile despite their towering size. Yet this factor in no way serves as a setback for giving one of these limited edition zombies a home (even if there is the possibility of “losing” your brain). Among the more colorful and intricately designed zombies, I personally find myself getting attached to the Sorry Zombiea child-like figure who regrets doing any harm to plants. In fact, I’m hoping that I’ll be the winning bidder.

The auction will wrap up on July 29 at midnight PDT, so don’t miss a chance to take home one of these exclusive figurines for a great cause.

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