Jul 22, 2013

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World of Warcraft Movie Finally in the Making

World of Warcraft Movie Finally in the Making

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The rumor of a World of Warcraft movie hitting the big screen is finally coming true. A film for this popular franchise was unofficially announced during E3 2006, but has been through some road blocks until today. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. (who recently produced and distributed Guillermo del Toro’s new sci-fi hit Pacific Rim) offered fans a first look at a trailer for the movie that will simply be titled Warcraft.

As described by Polygon, the teaser trailer was a mix of live action and computer generated effects. It “appeared to take place in a desert field outside of Hellfire and featured an armored human warrior drinking potion and drawing a sword just before battling a hammer-wielding orc.” Director of Moon and Source Code Duncan Jones will be leading the project that begins filming in early 2014. The film is said to have a budget that exceeds $100 million and is scheduled for a 2016 release.

As a longtime player of the World of Warcraft series, I was initially skeptical about a movie adaptation. But with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. chiming in to work on this project, it could end up being a good surprise for players and non-players alike. Blizzard has been suffering a continuous drop of subscribers as of recent, and this project might be just be the key to rekindle inspiration once more.

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