Jul 22, 2013

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Tekken Revolution Major Update, New Original Character Announced

Tekken Revolution Major Update, New Original Character Announced


Did you know that you can download and play Tekken for free on PS3? If not, then download Tekken Revolution right now; it is a pretty awesome game for the free price tag.

Anyway, Namco have today released details on a major patch that will be arriving onto the EU version of the game this Wednesday, and US gamers before the end of the month. Players will be happy to hear that the level cap will be increasing to 60, and players will also be able to reassign skill points that they have already spent. Stats, as well as critical hit damage, will also be tweaked. Two new characters will also be joining the party: Hwoarang and Dragunov.

Costumes will be added to the game, but these will be part of the micro-transactions system. Arcade mode will be getting two new difficulty levels, hard and very hard. Finally, after much demand from many players, including myself, a training mode will be added into the game. Entering the mode won’t cost any in-game currency either, so train until you cannot train any more.

During the weekend break, a new character got announced for the game as well.  All we know is that the character will be a original female vampire. Have a look at the gallery below to have a first look at her design.

Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play entry in the famous fighter series, download it right now on PS3.

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