Jul 22, 2013

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Saints Row IV Cast Shares Details About Upcoming Game At SDCC 2013

Saints Row IV Cast Shares Details About Upcoming Game At SDCC 2013


Some of the voice cast of the upcoming title, Saints Row IV, was at Comic Con this past weekend. The group consisted of Studio Head of Volition, Steve Jaros, as well as Troy Baker, Laura Bailey, J. B. Blanc, and Yuri Lowenthal. Taking questions from the audience during their free-form panel, they shared some interesting details about the game as well as information on the first DLC and the return of Johnny Gat.

While there won’t be a pro-wrestling gang in Saints Row IV, the Ronin gang from Saints Row 2 will be making its return. As for the return of Johnny Gat, Jaros promises that Gat’s resurrection from the dead will have a satisfactory explanation for fans. Also, those who liked to use the zombie voice for their characters will be disappointed to learn that it won’t be available in the new title.

The first DLC for Saints Row IV, Enter the Dominatrix, might sound familiar as it was the planned DLC for Saints Row The Row that had been scrapped and elements merged with the newest entry in the series. Enter the Dominatrix will be released 45 days after the launch of the game and will feature commentary by the characters as they explain why the content was cut from the main game.

We also learn about some of the crazy jokes you can expect to find within Saints Row IV. The evil alien mastermind Zinyak spends a nice amount of time reading the first chapter of Pride and Prejudice over the in-game radio during the start of the game. A Bollywood-inspired dance number was to be included in the original ending but wound up being scrapped. As for the creation of the dubstep gun, Jaros stated that two separate teams had come up with the item for it independently and that beer in the office was to blame.

Jaros also talked about THQ’s bankruptcy and how Deep Silver was different from the other interested publishers. While one unnamed publisher was concerned about the superpowers that play an important part in the game, Deep Silver found them to be a plus. Jaros mentioned that Deep Silver was hands off for the creative process of Saints Row IV and that the publisher was a fan of what Volition was doing.

Saints Row IV will be hitting stores on August 20 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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