Jul 22, 2013

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PRninja Preview

PRninja Preview


We at Vivid Gamer usually preview and review titles from indie developers to the some of the blockbuster hits released. Recently, we were given the chance to preview an app that was designed by freelance PR and marketing professional Maryna Petrenko called PRninja. This app was designed to help mobile developers handle public relations and marketing needs for their upcoming titles.

While I don’t fall into the category of users that would benefit most from this app, I did find myself interested in getting a glimpse into how the process works and what this app does to aid indie developers. No matter which platform they are developing on, indie developers will always have a harder time getting placed high or even on a list for the top 10 to 50 titles for that platform. This is largely due to how much easier it is for the major companies to afford the cost of extensive marketing. PRninja hopes to help indie developers spread the word of their titles with features such as interactive checklists.

The overall presentation of PRninja is easy to follow and does serve up some tips and tricks for getting the most out of marketing your title. On the main screen, you will see a road-map of sorts that shows you the different steps needed to be taken as well as the order to do so. Tapping on each step will bring up some helpful information pertaining to that step as well as the tools to help you take advantage of the current step. An example would be the one for the developer checklist. On this screen, you are presented with a checklist that you can use to ensure that you got things like the title’s logo as well as important items such as the soundtrack and budget for ads. It also has valuable information that explains the purpose of the items on the checklist and importance of taking care of each one.


PRninja is available for free to download with a few different things you can purchase within the app. Campaigns of varying lengths can be purchased. For a two-week campaign, the price is $7.99, with the other two tiers (four and six weeks) costing $9.99 and $11.99 respectively. Depending on the campaign length you choose, you will be able to send out press releases as well as set up interviews and review lists. Obviously, the shorter time span you go with means that you will have to work harder and put in more time to get your title out there. The Media page also has lists of prudently chosen media outlets that cover indie titles for you to share information and press releases with. The different packs are separated by categories like iPhone, iPad, forums, and YouTubers. At $1.99 per pack, you could pay a total of $8 for the 200 contacts that PRninja can provide or you can pick and choose which ones will help you best.

Any time that you want to check on your progress, you can just tap on the Reports screen. This screen keeps track of what all you’ve gotten done as well as lets you know what your score is. The score appears to be the percentage of how much of a chance you have for pulling off a successful campaign. While I feel that the percentage doesn’t play a super important role, it does appear to make things easier to keep track of.

Though I did not purchase any of the campaigns or media lists, I feel that I spent enough looking over the app to get a basic grip on what it has to offer. PRninja will not replace your PR manager if you have one, but it does provide extra support that could make an not-so-productive campaign turn into a productive one. If you’re an indie developer, I do think that at the very least that you should check it out. At the very least, heading over to the official website to learn more is recommended.