Jul 18, 2013

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World of Warcraft: New Cosmetic Armor Pieces in the Blizzard Store

World of Warcraft: New Cosmetic Armor Pieces in the Blizzard Store


Blizzard has revealed three new exclusive armor pieces that you can add to your World of Warcraft closet. If you’ve always wanted fiery horns or a chilling skull visage, here’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. But is it worth it? Priced at $15 each, the head pieces correspond to different expansions respectively.

Crown of Eternal Winter

The crown is supposedly retrieved from the frozen fields of Northrend, a clear homage to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. With a scourge and Arthas-like feel, you’ll have an opportunity to look like the undead regardless of what faction you belong to. But, this crown on a tauren for instance? Not too sure about that. However, judging from screenshots of the item on characters, it seems that you’ll be able to disable the skull visage if you only prefer the crown to be on display.


Jewel of the Firelord

Hellboy fan or not, these set of horns that are constantly ablaze might interest you. With a tribute to the one and only Ragnaros the Firelord in Cataclysm, you’ll be set apart with a fiery beacon on your head . Additionally, your eyes will glow bright yellow and makes for a terrifying look if you belong to the appropriate race. Check out the tauren below:


Hood of Hungering Darkness

A warlock-esque hood based on Burning Crusade, red flames will burn endlessly around your head with eyes standing out against darkness. In my opinion, this armor piece seems to be catered more toward the caster class, unless melee would prefer a rather deceptive look. Due to the rather thick neck clasp, the armor could be pulled off more stylishly with bulky shoulders to match.


It comes as no surprise that Blizzard continues to market such items in their digital store to make extra profit. These head pieces work across all races and classes, allowing players to visit their nearest transmogrifier for a new sense of style. The item also applies to all your World of Warcraft characters on a single Battle.net account. On a more personal note, I think I’m going to have to pass on this lineup and see what Blizzard has to offer in a few weeks or months (preferably at a lower price tag).

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