Jul 18, 2013

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Banned Game Transforms Into Shakespeare-Themed Kids Game

Banned Game Transforms Into Shakespeare-Themed Kids Game


You might recall Endgame: Syria, a title that explored the war going on in Syria, that gained attention when it was banned by Apple earlier this year. With a slightly different name as well as removal of all references to Syria and groups involved, GameTheNews was finally able to get their interesting title on Apple’s App Store back in March. Now, the title has taken yet another twist. This time in the form of a Shakespeare themed kids game.

Hemmings Play Company, the Shakespearean themed game, is based on the gameplay engine of Endgame: Eurasia (or previously known as Endgame: Syria). In this kids title, players are tasked with helping Hemmings, a  bear who happens to be in charged of  a theater group of animals, as he tries to earn enough money to repair the destroyed theater where they perform. Replacing the tanks and assassins of Endgame: Eurasia are colorful characters who aim to please audiences with their performances as well as run the theater.

GameTheNews’ Tomas Rawlings commented:

“These bold adaptations of our existing titles show how the dynamics of a game should not be confused with its subject matter. If the core functionally is robust and game play intuitive, they can become the canvass for a variety of great projects. That is just what we were able to show while working on the Globe Playground.”

You can check out Hemmings Play Company, as well as the music-based rhythm game Lute Hero and Kit’s Wardrobe Challenge which takes the gameplay engine of GameTheNews’ other title Cow Crusher and uses it to help clean and repair the theater’s costumes in a fast paced arcade game, on the official website.

[Source: GameTheNews]