Jul 17, 2013

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Rayman Legends to Include New MP Mode, 40 Origins Stages

Rayman Legends to Include New MP Mode, 40 Origins Stages


Rayman Legends, the delayed four-player co-op platformer, will be receiving 40 stages from its critically-acclaimed prequel,  Rayman Origins; they will also be graphically updated to fit the artstyle of Legends and will feature the Murfy touchscreen character available on Wii U and Vita.

Not only that, but the developers are also including a new multiplayer mode called “Kung Foot,” which features four players (five on Wii U) trying to punch and kick a soccer ball into the opposing goal, like some sort of limbless Shaolin Soccer. Pitched as a harmless party game for people too tired to play anything serious, it was originally made as its own game for just the office of Ancel and his team; however, it has been completely ported into Legends as an extra mode.

Jeez, talk about making up for a game delay, eh? Including almost all of another game’s stages for free, along with a new multiplayer mode. It’s pretty telling now that pushing the release date far ahead really is a blessing in disguise.

Rayman Legends will release on PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and Wii U on three different dates: August 29th in Australia, the 30th in Europe, and September 3rd in North America.

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