Jul 17, 2013

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Gravi Leaps and Puzzles Its Way Onto the Ouya

Gravi Leaps and Puzzles Its Way Onto the Ouya

Gravi - 01


The much-publicized Ouya has now been available for a few weeks, and its gallery of games continues to grow. New to the family is Hashbang Games’ inventive platformer, Gravi. Starring a one-eyed blue ball of alien energy, it’s up to gamers to use a variety of creative skills and abilities to escape and insidious testing facility. You also have to do all this while being hounded by your evil, red, and generally mean-spirited twin, Anti-Gravi.

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The title has already received acclaim, and, like any title for the Ouya, can be demoed substantially for free. The first ten levels of the game are open to any Ouya owner, with the remaining 30 available for $6. With achievements, bosses, and collectibles all waiting for the little ball of energy to encounter, there’s no reason for any Ouya owner not to give the game a play. Gravi is also already available for the PC, Mac, and Linux.

[Source: Hashbang Games]