Jul 12, 2013

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PS4 to Allow Gamers to Access Their Digital Library on Any PS4 System

PS4 to Allow Gamers to Access Their Digital Library on Any PS4 System



Ever tried to login to a friends PS3, PSP or Vita, only to discover that your out of slots for that system? Everything is changing with the PS4, as gamers will be able to login from any PS4 console.

With the current generation, each PSN accounts is limited to being linked to 2 other PS3 systems at one time, meaning if you attempt to login to a third system, you will need to deactivate one of the systems first (assuming you want to play games associated with that account). With the PS4 coming out this year, Sony looks to be changing this, with the plan to allow you to login to any system. The way this will work seems very smart as well, in my eyes anyway. Each account will have a home system, this would be your own system in your house. Anybody with an account on that system can access your library of games, even if you logout of the system. Pretty much like now with the PS3, where any account on your system can access your games, and earn their own trophies.

Now, what if you want to go to a friend’s house and say, want to play Drivers Club together?  Well, you can sign in on that system, and thanks to download as you play, as soon as the first section of the game downloaded, you can start playing. Once you finish playing that day, just sign out, and all your data will be removed. This will only happen if you sign out of that system, and only on a system that’s not set as your home system. So fear not, signing out of your home system won’t remove data.

Here is how Neil Brown, Sony’s R&D Senior Team Leader explained it:

“You can visit your friend’s house [and] log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good. But how useful is that if it takes half a day to download the game you want to play? With Play As You Download you get much quicker access to at least the first section of the game so you can start playing quicker.”

I got to say, as a person who tends to play games at a friend’s houses this is great news, especially since I am buying games digitally more and more now. This is just another step on the way to the future of gaming consoles as a whole, with the internet growing, and everybody getting faster internet speeds.

[Source: Game Fanatics]