Jul 10, 2013

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Web-Based Game “Strip ‘Em All,” A Choose-Your-Own Comic Adventure

Web-Based Game “Strip ‘Em All,” A Choose-Your-Own Comic Adventure

Strip 'Em All - 01

Anyone who reads comics knows that annoying feeling of “what if?” It’s that nagging suggestion that you could have come up with a better, less condescending or lame ending, that you could have thought of a better fate for characters you like, or a harsher punishment for those you can’t stand. Swedish indie developer, Athletic Design, feels your pain and has created an intriguing browser-based game that lets you do precisely that: Strip ‘Em All.

Strip ‘Em All empowers gamers with the ability to move and alter the panels of its seven full-sized comics however they wish, turning heroes into villains and ensuring an interactive, absorbing experience with every reading. You’re taking part and helping to craft the comic books as you read them. Though the option to use the inherent sandbox you’ve been given to your whim remains, the added challenge of trying to recreate the developer’s tale should keep gamers quite busy for ages to come.

Strip 'Em All - 07

As with all things gaming, it helps to simply see for yourself. Strip ‘Em All is available for play, for free, right here, and the gallery below should give you a better idea of what to look forward to. There’s nothing to lose, and a potentially very absorbing, undeniably ambitious title awaits.

[Source: Athletic Design]