Jul 10, 2013

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Possible Cinders Sequel Details Revealed

Possible Cinders Sequel Details Revealed


Last year, we reviewed the indie title Cinders for the PC. It proved to be what I felt was a very enjoyable take on the fairy tale classic of Cinderella. Bits and pieces of information for a  possible sequel that puts the focus on Sophie, one of Cinders’ step-sisters, have been released via MoaCube’s social networks. If you are a fan of Cinders, the news of being able to see what future lies for one character (who happens to be my favorite of all the supporting characters in the game) is something we are all eager to hear.

Today, a post was made on MoaCube’s official site with news of the progress so far.

  • The game will be a standalone title. Prior knowledge of Cinders won’t be necessary, though fans will certainly notice a few extra details.
  • This also means that we’re redoing the art to reflect the passage of time and to bring it to Solstice quality (yes, that includes character animations). There’s going to be a lot of new content, characters, and backdrops.
  • We will consider the traveler ending to be canon and go with it. Cinders has simply too many branches and vastly different options to allow for flexibility if we want to tell a coherent story.
  • The game won’t affect the development of Solstice or any other titles. We’re simply at a moment where we can consider committing to a side-project. And this seems like the perfect fit.
  • The story is going to be intimate and personal rather than grandiose. No saving the world or Grand Ball at the end.  The focus will be on the complex relationship between the sisters. Sophia will be forced to re-evaluate her feelings towards Gloria, maybe even save her.
  • There’s still going to be a plenty of choice and character development, but Sophia will be much more defined (and snarky!) than Cinders from the get go.
  • A lot of the focus will be on how Carmosa’s residence actually works, with some new characters and locations.
  • There will be romance and new love interests, but just like with Cinders, it will be kept optional.
  • At this point, we have outlined the characters, endings, and the overall storyline. We are currently working on the details, concept art, and the logistics of the production.

While it isn’t set in stone that we will see a sequel to Cinders, the fact that there is a chance for it to come to fruition is enough to pique my interest. Stay tuned as we keep you up to date on this.

[Source: MoaCube]