Jul 10, 2013

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Nomura Reveals New Kingdom Hearts III Details and Confirms a New HD Collection

Nomura Reveals New Kingdom Hearts III Details and Confirms a New HD Collection



With Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX just around the corner, series director Tetsuya Nomura took part in an interview with Kingdom Hearts News site KHDestiny. However this was not the only game he talked about.

During the interview, Nomura talked a little bit about the newly announced Kingdom Hearts III, pretty much the shock of E3 JRPG wise this year. Firstly, Nomura talked about the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance was a ‘test’ for features being considered for the third mainstream installment. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be an improved version of Dream Drop Distance’s gameplay. Hey, I will never moan with Motion Flow returning as I adored that system in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Other details include that the development team are looking into the option to control Donald and Goofy via voice, and that the footage from E3 was from a ‘better’ test version. While Nomura cannot share news on what Kairi role will be in the new game, I just hope she not the damsel in distress like in the first 2 games.

Nomura has also as good as confirmed that a new HD Collection is in the works, when asked about adding Kingdom Hearts games to PlayStation planned cloud service, he said the following:

“We did not even think about the issue because our priority at the moment is the development of KINGDOM HEARTS III. Additionally, we are working on the next KINGDOM HEARTS HD remaster, which is our second priority. We have nothing planned about it for now.”

I am hoping that Birth by Sleep gets the HD treatment. I think it is very much the hidden gem of the series on the PSP as it is the game that gave birth to the Command Deck system, a very popular system in portable installments. Catch the full interview in the source link. If you want to experience the Kingdom Hearts series for yourself, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX launches on PS3 in September. Kingdom Hearts I on that collection is the Final Mix version too, marking Final Mix first appearance in the west.

[Source: KHInsider]