Jun 29, 2013

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Taxi Journey Looks Amazing and Needs Your Help Getting Kickstarted

Taxi Journey Looks Amazing and Needs Your Help Getting Kickstarted


At first glance, Lexis Numérique’s charming new title, Taxi Journey, brings to mind movies like The Triplets of Belleville and games like the Professor Layton series. Characters are extremely stylized and expressive in a way that only artists who truly know and understand subtle human behavior could illustrate. Animation like that is utterly gorgeous and fascinating to watch in action, and that alone should make you very excited for Taxi Journey, whose Kickstarter just recently began. It absolutely deserves to be funded.


Taxi Journey tells the tale of a massive cab-driver named Gino, who drives about his fares pedaling a taxi with no engine. Too poor to afford a regular cab, the giant decides to simply strap a seat to his back for his passengers to sit in. The imagery alone is instantly charming and memorable. Gino soon meets a mysterious little girl named Zoe, whose magical powers and protective umbrella work in tandem with Gino’s driving to form the basis of the game’s puzzles and adventuring. The idea of two disparate individuals finding a surrogate family in the other has worked wonderfully for games like The Last of Us and Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and there’s no reason to expect any less from Lexis Numérique’s completely hand-drawn new title.


But of course, the inventive, gorgeous world and the creative cast of characters will all go to waste if the game’s $230,000 goal isn’t met in the next 27 days. Lexis Numérique deserves recognition as well for being the first French gaming studio to attempt a Kickstarter fundraiser for a new title, and gamers longing for a vibrant new adventure, in the vein of Machinarium and Braid, will surely be cheering for them to succeed. Taxi Journey is hoping for release on PC and Mac, with Android, iOS, PSN and XBLA as incremental fundraising goals. Go give these good people your money.


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