Jun 27, 2013

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Watch Dogs WeareData Site Provides Real-Time Updates

Watch Dogs WeareData Site Provides Real-Time Updates

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Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs cannot come any sooner and in the mean time, players are left with even greater anticipation due to the recently launched WeareData website. As we all know, Chicago is monitored by a Central Operating System (CTOS) in the game, which provides important data to combat daily problems such as crime and traffic jams. In turn, Aiden Pearce’s hacking abilities becomes the crux of the game and allows us to utilize such data to our advantage. WeareData, therefore, is an extremely innovative site that presents real-time data in the CTOS manner and makes audiences realize the inevitable relationship between today’s digital world and reality. It is no wonder privacy continues to become such a pressing issue from one generation to the next, and Ubisoft has taken this fact a step further by allowing us to view an assortment of data circulating Paris, London, and Berlin.

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Each town is recreated on a 3D map, allowing viewers to zoom in and out flexibly while monitoring new data that pops up. From public tweets to the location of public toilets and electromagnetic fields, the amount of data at our disposal is immense. Socio-economic data such as unemployment rate and average salary are also calculated, and we have the option of connecting to our Facebook accounts to view what other users are specifically looking at on the website. As stated in the ‘about’ page, what we see are “only facts and reality.” These gathered data are public information that have been legally authorized for publication, and the statistics present to us are already overwhelming. Although a direct link between the website and Watch_Dogs isn’t fully revealed, the site no doubts hints at the type of gameplay mechanics players can expect to see. Ubisoft has already introduced the mobile app that allows other players to help out and broadcast messages in real-time, thereby making WeareData an ongoing attempt to add greater depth and realism to the game itself. It also makes one wonder about what can be seen through the eyes of your particular government. “Smart cities” are indeed real, and data continues to be collected as we speak. Are you being watched at this very moment?

Be sure to check out WeareData and have some fun.

Watch_Dogs will be released this November for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Next-gen versions will be released at the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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