Jun 27, 2013

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Sony Releases PS3 Firmware 4.46 – Guide to Fixing Bricked Systems

Sony Releases PS3 Firmware 4.46 – Guide to Fixing Bricked Systems



If you remember, last week we reported that PS3 firmware 4.45 started bricking a small number of systems, Sony have today released a patched firmware titled 4.46 to fix the problem.

If you was unaffected, then good news, just update via the normal method, but if you was affected and your XMB no longer appears on boot. Sony have released a guide on fixing the problem. The guide is rather long and hard to get your head around, so here is a nice more simple guide to fixing your system. Before you begin, you need the following things:

  • A USB Stick or SD Card with 194MB of free space
  • A PC with a internet connection (any operating system will do)

With that out of the way, time to begin.

1. Download the PS3 Firmware 4.46 from Sony site here: Firmware 4.46 Download

2. Grab a pendrive (or memory stick) with at least 194MB free, I’ll say use a 1GB one to be on the safe side, SD Cards will work too!

3. Open the pendrive and create a folder called PS3 (must be all uppercase)



4. In the PS3 Folder, create another folder called UPDATE (again, all upercase)


5. Transfer the PS3UPDAT.PUP into the UPDATE folder on the stick, the setup should be NameofStick(Drive Letter) > PS3 > UPDATE > PS3UPDAT.PUP


6. Now for the part that going to confuse most normal PS3 owners, booting into safe mode! PS3 has a nice little mode which can be accessed even when something like a system brick happens, we can boot into safe mode to access some nice tools like for example, performing a system update. Now to do this, make sure the PS3 is on standby (power light is red) and then your set. Plug your Pendrive into an empty USB port on your PS3, then hold the power button, the system will beep, keep on holding it until you hear 2 more beeps (they should be around 5 seconds apart.) On the third beep the system should switch back off (red light).

7. Were still got stuff to do, hold the power button again, this time until you hear 2 beeps in quick succession. at this point you should see the message “Please connect a controller via USB and press the PS button,” if you see this, well done, your in safe mode, if not try again. If you continue to fail to get into safe mode, you might need to call Sony.


8. After plugging in your PS3 Controller via USB (Must be a Sony Controller) and press the PS button, you will be greeted with the safe mode menu. Go down to option 6 which is System Update and press X.


9. Press Start + Select together, at this point the system should reboot and if everything went well, you should see the normal screen you see when updating the firmware. Do the normal stuff, agree to the terms and that, and then the system will update. Afterward the system will reboot, and as long as Sony not messed up again, your XMB should be back to it normal self, VICTORY (insert desired RPG victory theme here!)

I hope this guide help a few people getting their system back, tell us if your been successful in getting your XMB back in the comments. Click on the source link for the full Sony guide.

[Source: Sony]