Jun 27, 2013

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Microsoft U-Turn AGAIN, This Time on Patching Charges

Microsoft U-Turn AGAIN, This Time on Patching Charges



People are celebrating another victory today over Microsoft. The winner of this victory is developers as a fee will no longer be charged for patching games on their current console, the Xbox 360.

The company previously charged all developers a fee if they wanted to release a patch for a game, this charge could sometimes reach the ten of thousands. This has lead to Indie developers such asĀ Fez developer Polytron protesting to the company over the huge fee, and in turn moved to PlayStation 4 for next gen development. Multiple sources have today told Eurogamer that the fee is now no longer being charged by Microsoft when patching their games.

Microsoft introduced the original fee to stop developers from releasing incomplete projects on their system. This is the second U-Turn the company have performed in the past week, with them reversing the Xbox One Used Games/Always Online Policies last week. This change will please Indies developers the most, but with the inability for Indie developers to self-publish on Xbox One still being in-tact, could a third U-Turn on that policy be in the works?

Keep your eye on Vivid Gamer for more on the Xbox One, which launches in November.

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