Jun 27, 2013

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Indie JRPG Soul Saga Is Close To Being Available For PS4, Vita, and Wii U

Indie JRPG Soul Saga Is Close To Being Available For PS4, Vita, and Wii U


Kickstarter is a great way for indie developers to get their titles funded as well as allow gamers to support the projects that interest them. One title that recently caught my eye is the indie JRPG title, Soul Saga. With under 17 days to go and already hitting its initial goal of $60,000, it’s safe to say that this game has also caught fellow JRPG and indie fans’ eyes. The one-man team behind Disastercake, Mike Gale, has listed extra goals that unlock some pretty great features including the ability to put this love letter to JRPG classics on the PlayStation 4, Vita, and Wii U.

Soul Saga is inspired by the classic titles such as Final Fantasy, Suidoken, and Persona from the PlayStation era. Say what you will but the JRPGs released back in those days really played an important role in us seeing the titles released to this day. Not to mention, this is very likely how you became a fan of the genre. I can tell you that it was Final Fantasy VIII that really got my love for JRPGs to blossom.

You can see different aspects of the game are influenced by many of the JRPG classics out there. Initiating enemy battles is similar to how Chrono Cross handled it by having it start when you run into an enemy or get ambushed. Solving puzzle elements is key to defeating some enemies. An example would be how your party would need to use a smashing technique to break down a foe’s shield. There is also the chance that the shield could have a fire-based property that burns melee characters. To counteract this, you will need to use a wind or water based skill to douse the flames.


Each character uses resources unique to them in order to pull different attacks. Mithos builds up “Focus” by using regular attacks. This resource allows him to transform his skill set into a more powerful version. Elise, the talented engineer, will need to expend the occasional turn in order to stock up on “Gadgets” that are used to lay caltrops near an ally that damages any foe who thinks to approach the ally.

And who doesn’t like the lure of secret dungeons and treasure protected by formidable foes? Uncover them by achieving certain achievements and solving some interesting puzzles during your travels.

Soul Saga features the recognizable voice talents of Todd Haberkorn, best known for Natsu from Fairy Tail and Sergent Frog from Sergeant Frog, and Kira Buckland, best known for Bloody Marie from Skullgirls and¬†Kuroyukihime from Accel World. Not to mention, Soul Saga‘s theme song was created by Terry Chandler, an extremely talented Japanese composer.

You can check out the official website and Kickstarter page to learn more about Soul Saga as well as learn what the different tiers have to offer. As of this post, Soul Saga needs just $5,000 more to reach its stretch goal of becoming available for the PS4, Vita, and Wii U. Even if it doesn’t reach that goal (I honestly believe it will though), Soul Saga will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux. Of course, we’ll have to wait until July 2014 for a release. But I get the feeling that the wait will be well worth it.

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