Jun 26, 2013

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Hotline Miami Now Available for PS3 and PSVita

Hotline Miami Now Available for PS3 and PSVita


Hotline Miami, the top-down, raw and brutal 2D indie title from Dennaton Games is now available for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita for $9.99. If mass shootouts and deadly close combat is your forte, you might want to fill the role of an antihero who rages war against the mysterious underworld around him based on messages from his answering machine. Set in a retro world of 1989 Miami, players will have an array of 35 different weapons to choose from while hiding your identity with unlockable animal masks. Swift reflexes are also required to keep up and you’ll soon be wondering why the game filled with blood splatter and gore is so addicting. The pumping soundtrack doesn’t help lessen your addition, either.

The version for PS3 and PS Vita provides trophies and leaderboards for each level, promoting a worldwide rank system based on score, as well as a note on which mask was used to achieve it. The new mask, Russell the Raging Bull, is also exclusive to these consoles. When equipped, the mask changes visuals to a monotonous black and white while the redness of blood and neon from the UI remain clearer than ever for a classic film-esque feel. The PS Vita version has a lock-on aiming feature where players can simply tap the screen to lock-on to a target as they wander from room to room seeking enemies. Nigel Lowrie from Devolver Digital has also stated that Hotline Miami is a Cross-Buy title on PlayStation Network, so players can buy it for PS3 and PS Vita with a single purchase.



If violence, neo-noir, and a touch of nostalgic gameplay is your calling, Hotline Miami will give you an adrenaline rush worth paying for. The game is Rated M for mature, so best to keep it away from the kids until they’re old enough to realize the difference between reality and fantasy.

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