Jun 25, 2013

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Grinding Gears Announces Path of Exile Race Season Three

Grinding Gears Announces Path of Exile Race Season Three


Enjoying Path of Exile?  Well get ready for more awesomeness as Grinding Gear Games announced the third season of race events for their MMO Action RPG Path of Exile.  This new season promises fifty Descent events over the course of the following six weeks.

Chief among these new events is the Descent League,   which is a solo experience and will take place in a forgotten cathedral in the outskirts of the Phrecian Forest.  The objective for players in this scenario will be to descend into and explore the depths and dungeons of this cathedral.  Two special chests will be found at the end of each level.  Choosing one of them may drastically alter how the player plays out the event.  There is now town to return to in Descent league, no waypoints or portals for travel.  Flask charges can only be restored by slaying monsters or leveling up.  Characters and their items will be permanently destroyed once a Descent event ends.

Grinding Gear Games will keep track of players who reach the highest levels in each character class and award them with prizes during Race Season Three.  Season Three begins this Saturday, June 29th. For further information about Race Season Three and Descent events go to Path of Exile’s website here.

[Source: Grinding Gear Games]