Jun 24, 2013

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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Update Announced

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Update Announced


Dissatisfied with SD Gundam Capsule Fighter‘s gameplay?  Not to worry.  OGPlanet, well-known publisher of free-to-play, multiplayer, online games announced an all-encompassing update for this Gundam shooter game in North America.  This update has been implemented overseas recently so the news of it coming to North America so soon is a welcome surprise.   Some of the changes include:

  • replacing the rock, paper, scissor based combat with a skill-based system based on combat speciality (i.e. melee, mid-range, or long-range)
  • the custom parts system now allowing players to equip their mobile suits based on personal style
  • players choosing one of seven types of custom parts when leveling up
  • update to user interface
  • improved battle UI
  • adjustments to unit upgrade system
  • increase in custom slot capacity
  • a new mission, “A Storm Raging Through”
  • five new quests in the “Destiny Gundam Blueprint” questline
  • two new capsule machines
  • a new custom capsule machine
  • and more!

To celebrate the new update, OGPlanet has some events planned to reward players both old and new. For more information on these events go to SD Gundam’s website here or check them out on Facebook.

[Source: OGPlanet]