Jun 24, 2013

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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Name Change Explained By EA

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Name Change Explained By EA


Even though it was first called Dragon Age III: Inquistion when announced back in September of last year, the latest entry in the RPG series by Bioware had seemed to drop the numbered part of its title in favor of  keeping focus on the Inquisition part in the title at this year’s E3 press conference by EA. EA Labels President Frank Gibeau spoke with IGN to clarity the reasoning behind this. He remarks:

“I think there’s always this debate over numbers versus no numbers, what works, what doesn’t work. We felt like we wanted to bring more attention to the word Inquisition, because that’s more the story arc of what it’s like. There’s a whole bunch of gameplay and features and big story choices related to how you go through this Inquisition that happens in the world.”

“It’s a tactical marketing decision. There wasn’t anything that strategic about it, to be blunt. We just wanted to draw more attention to the fact that Inquisition is an all-new chapter inside of the Dragon Age universe, as opposed to people expecting a follow-on to Dragon Age 1 and 2 in a literal, linear sense.”

It is also interesting to note that EA intends to release this for the next-gen consoles alongside the current gen ones. Gibeau adds the reasons behind this decision as well.

“Just the raw capabilities of Frostbite 3 and gen 4 features. We’re going to have PS3 and Xbox 360 and PC versions of Dragon Age III, so there will be a very broad-based experience there, but the new platforms are giving us the opportunity to tell stories in much larger worlds with more features and more things. From our perspective, we didn’t want to launch a “current-gen” game in a next-gen market. We took the opportunity to add resources, add time, and we brought in new technology. Frankly, we’ve raised our expectations.”

From the trailer shown at E3 this year and what we know so far about the title, I think it’s a safe bet that this entry could prove to be worth playing when it is finally released. Stay tuned with us as we keep you up to date on Dragon Age: Inquisition.

[Source: IGN via PC Gamer]