Jun 21, 2013

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Super Kid Cannon: Aiming for a Fall Release

Super Kid Cannon: Aiming for a Fall Release



Super Kid Cannon is about a red panda named – you guessed it – Super Kid Cannon trying to save his beloved Justine from the villainous Kahn. In a lot of ways, it’s stunning to think gamers would even need more information about SkyJoy Interactive’s new mobile device title than that to be excited at the prospect. Games like this are filled with the same kind of manic sense of fun classics franchises like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot were so well known for.

SkyJoy Interactive’s new title boasts the distinction of being able to define itself as a totally new genre: the vertical launcher. Though the game has yet to be seen in action, screenshots appear to suggest an extremely fast-paced, fun, hand-drawn vertical platformer of sorts. Miguel Portilla, Co-Founder and Vice President of SkyJoy Interactive, describes the concept and its influence with a charming bit of nostalgia:

Our goal was to create a fun and truly engaging mobile game that is a complete experience, not half a console game as many other mobile games have been…Super Kid Cannon was inspired by such classics as Super Mario Bros. And Donkey Kong; the type of games we loved growing up. We have created a game that is fun for the whole family, the way gaming used to be.

True to the noble ambitions and honored influences of the designers, Super Kid Cannon boasts challenging, yet approachable gameplay, a strong cast of memorable characters, and even social integration. It also features a whimsical red panda being fired out of cannons fighting evil, and, truly, what more could a gamer ask for? Super Kid Cannon will be out this fall on Google Play and the App Store.

[Source: SkyJoy Interactive]