Jun 21, 2013

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New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay

New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay

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New gameplay footage has been released for Watch_Dogs, and this time we’re talking about multiplayer (part of which was revealed during E3). The clip starts off with an on-screen alert signifying Aiden is being hacked. He soon breaks off into a sprint and utilizes a Profiler app to locate his hacker before the download is complete, finally identifying him through a camera. What seems interesting is that the hacker is not another Aiden – since that would be a little odd anyway – but another NPC that blends in with the crowd. This brings me back to what Ubisoft explained earlier in the month on their official blog, stating that regardless of who hacks who, you’ll always see yourself as Aiden on your screen. Thus, while we see a NPC, the NPC player actually sees him or herself as Aiden Pearce on their screen.

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A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues and Aiden is instructed to kill the target while keeping track of the distance from him. The gameplay is reminiscent of chases in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but instead of horses, we have cars. Both players are able to break into vehicles to continue the chase, which in my opinion continues to build upon the game’s multiplayer intensity and free-roaming aspect. Yet multiplayer isn’t solely about stealth, hack, and run. Although the footage does not reveal much, Ubisoft mentioned that a player could also “grief” someone by ramming into him or her with a car when they’re trying to stop a crime or take up missions with goals to protect others. It looks like there’s a lot that is missing from this clip, so stay tuned for more updates.

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