Jun 20, 2013

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Could Animal Crossing Go Free-to-Play?

Could Animal Crossing Go Free-to-Play?

The lead designer of the Animal Crossing series, Katsuya Eguchi, recently revealed that Nintendo and his team are open to the possibility of seeing the popular animal-centric sim games go free-to-play. With the recent announcement of Nintendo’s first F2P game being from the Steel Diver franchise, it is no surprise that the Big N is already considering what other popular franchises could make the switch to microtransaction-based purchases. The issue that Eguchi-san states as the primary concern for this possible project would be what free content the game would exactly have available from the beginning.

He then goes on to say that the main audience that Animal Crossing has in Japan (teen and early 20′s women) are in a generation accustomed and familiar with playing free-to-play games on their smartphones and other devices. Eguchi concludes by saying that “if I find a business model that works, however- that works for Nintendo and the end-user- then I can’t say that [F2P] is something we wouldn’t consider.”

That cheapskate would love taking your real money.

I, personally, as a Nintendo fan new to the Animal Crossing franchise by way of the recently released 3DS title, New Leaf, could definitely see this being a viable free-to-play game. Want a particular item of clothing or furniture, but don’t have the bells or it’s not available in your stores right now? Buy it with real money off a real online player auction system similar to Diablo III’s. Or, even pay off those nasty loans for a few dollars, just so ole Tom Nook will get off your tail.

But what do you think? Is a F2P Animal Crossing appealing to you or are you disgusted by the thought? Let us know in the comments below and stay right here for further updates in the future on Nintendo’s free-to-play offerings.

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