Jun 19, 2013

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Microsoft Pulls A 180: Reverses DRM

Microsoft Pulls A 180: Reverses DRM


In a move that stunned the gaming community at large today, Microsoft has decided to reverse the its policies on DRM. This includes online check-ins and the buying and selling of used games. What originally started as rumor quickly spiraled out into the truth in a matter of minutes.

Going forward it appears that the following has changed:

  • No more 24-hour check-ins
  • Always online is no longer a requirement
  • Game discs will function as they currently do on the Xbox 360
  • Downloaded games no longer require a check in
  • The Xbox One is now a region-free device
  • Buying or selling a used games will continue to be the same

This news personally comes to a surprise to me, especially after E3, where Microsoft spent a great deal of time explaining their policies that were revealed just days before the conference. I would have thought they would have stuck to their guns. And news of the change has already pushed up preorders in various retail outlets. For me, however, the damage is already done; I won’t be getting one at launch, as this move comes off to me as caving to the pressure. I suppose if they really want to move consoles and sales all they need to do is remove the Kinect requirement and drop the price $100.

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