Jun 17, 2013

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Daylight Gameplay Demo: A Harsh Reality Check

Daylight Gameplay Demo: A Harsh Reality Check

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Independent game developer Zombie Studios continues to shed more information on Daylighttheir latest addition to the psychological horror genre that will be powered by Unreal Engine 4. Based on the gameplay demo that was shown at E3, what do we know so far about the game that promises to instill fear with a touch of reality?

The demo begins when you wake up in an abandoned asylum without knowledge of who you are and why you’re in this ambiguous world. Your cell phone becomes your only primary source of light that guides you from room to room, along with a compass that aims to give you a sense of direction. The asylum setting will be no surprise to horror fans, yet Daylight’s graphics and gameplay mechanics brings new tension to the table instead of your typical shoot ghosts and run scenario. In an interview with GameSpot, studio director Jared Gerritzen claims that the world is in constant change instead of having a linear plot line. In other words, the player will have a different experience each time they begin a new game. That’s right guys, don’t hope to continue where you left off the next time you turn on your console.

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While resources are severely limited, exploration is key as you attempt to find a way to escape. You have a chance to stumble upon equipment such as flares or glow sticks, each with its own pros and cons. The flare for instance, is able to disperse ghosts and provides better lighting but illuminates your surroundings to the point of causing creepy details such as blood splatter stand out. On the other hand, the glow stick provides less lighting but helps you maneuver through your environment in order to locate more clues. Each tool has a purpose, and surviving every ghost encounter is unlikely. But hey, these aspects are precisely why Daylight is looking promising.

The use of a cell phone that relates to its common usage in today’s society, lack of powerful weapons, and level replayability only add to the realistic features that the game aims to convey. There will be a ton of doors to open, yet some are barred, and others remain locked with curses until you find appropriate items that will act as keys. We’re not talking about red orbs (Devil May Cry anyone?), but day-to-day items such as a teddy bear or ragged doll. All in all, morbid surroundings, unexpected entities hovering in the distance, and a cell phone with diminishing battery life will put your survival skills and courage to the test. Rest assured, you’ll also be exposed to outdoor areas around the asylum as you progress through the game so you can cast your claustrophobic fears aside for now. Like every survival horror, you’ll unravel the game’s full story when you take a step into this terrifying arena. Will you be able to find your way out?

Daylight launches in early 2014 on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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