Jun 16, 2013

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Need for Speed Rivals: Expect the Unexpected

Need for Speed Rivals: Expect the Unexpected


EA’s latest blog post on Need for Speed Rivals gives us an overview of what players can expect in this new addition to the renowned racing franchise. From breaking sound barriers and burning rubber, this installment promises the ultimate road rivalry between Cops and Racers.

As described by the EA Staff, Rivals cannot be placed into strict categories of the single-player or MMO genre. Instead, the vast and enhanced landscape will be your playground to drive the way you want, chase the way you want, and compete in races to your heart’s content. In the game, this sense of freedom is known as the new “alldrive” feature. After deciding to side with the law enforcement or racers, you’ll have the opportunity to join races or pursuits that have already started. But that’s not all. The police could be on someone’s tail, you could buddy up with another cop, and everything will turn into one chaotic situation. In other words, Rivals will merge events to provide a unique and realistic experience that gets our adrenaline pumping. Players will no longer have to wait in a lobby to select friends to race with, or carry out single player objectives separately from the multiplayer world. Check out an E3 gameplay demo below:

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Beyond the road, you’ll be able to customize your car with custom license plates, rims, advanced pursuit technology, and the works. As always, the game lends you this creative leeway to create your identity and select a car that best describes you. Let’s just hope you won’t need to see a ton of tail lights during your career or some red and blue flashes catching you off guard.

Need for Speed Rivals will hit shelves on November 19th 2013 for PC, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360. Releases for next-gen consoles remain undated.

[Source: EA Image: Need For Speed]