Jun 12, 2013

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New Watch_Dogs Walkthrough Demo: The Freedom to Choose

New Watch_Dogs Walkthrough Demo: The Freedom to Choose


A brand new Watch Dogs demo was released on the floor of E3 and continues to stun audiences with graphics and gameplay mechanics. When the game was introduced during E3′s press conferences on day zero, Aiden Pearce takes center stage by demonstrating how a mission is carried out. The sample objective features Aiden on his way to help an ally named T-Bone who accidentally triggered an alarm system in an apartment and is under pursuit. From the beginning of the demo, we see Aiden driving stealthily in an attempt to evade police capture. Instead of immediately triggering a high-speed chase, you have the option of simply parking on the side of the road and switching your engine off temporarily as you wait for hostiles to pass by without suspicion. Naturally, if a chase will get your adrenaline going, that option is always available at the tip of your fingers.

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The map appears vast and gives you the freedom to find possible hiding spots instead of being constantly on the run. When Aiden parks and encounters a small crowd in a cafe, we notice a realistic influence of the media that declares a city-wide manhunt is underway for the “suspected vigilante Aiden Pearce.” A customer soon becomes suspicious and starts dialing 911 on his cell phone, notifying players to decide on the next step of action. In the demo, we see Aiden adopting a direct approach by simply snatching and throwing the phone to the ground. As a professional hacker, the game’s senior producer Dominic Guay has explained that he could have also hacked the device’s system. Variety becomes a key theme of Watch Dogs, giving players the freedom to create and enjoy their own experience.

Upon reaching his objective to save T-Bone, the game takes an interesting shift as Aiden hacks into an apartment camera and interacts with his ally. Instead of physically making his way to the apartment, we are able to manipulate digital tools through the camera to divert out foes’ attention. When helping T-Bone escape outside, the demo illustrates other options for us to choose from. If waiting for enemies to turn their backs on you requires too much patience, you have the option of triggering the alarm of several cars on display. Nothing better than luring all hostiles to a single spot before making a clean escape. In the last scene before T-Bone’s departure, we get a taste of some gun action. Inevitably, the game would not be complete if our protagonist simply sneaked his way through every mission without some up-close-and-personal survival skills. Another unique aspect of the game is its mobile companion app that allows players to team up with others and help Aiden hack into the city’s system. In the demo, Aiden gets caught on sight by a chopper but after a mobile player is found, the latter is able to retrieve a blueprint of Aiden’s location and has the power to disable the chopper to help him escape. Shortly after, we see the mobile user’s ability to “hack” a broadcast system and deliver a message, which in the demo is “well done.”

Well done indeed, Ubisoft. The final scene gives us a tighter situation to get out off as Aiden is caught by the police with guns pointed directly at him. But as an officer closes in, more than five options become available to the player. I would expect “blackout” to be a popular choice since hacking is the crux of the gameplay, but as shooting starts to break out, we have the option NOT to execute the officers. The game enters slow motion when Aiden chooses to paralyze them by shooting their legs before making his escape on a nearby boat. With such freedom to maneuver throughout the city, the game isn’t only good to look at but encourages creativity on the part of the players. It ultimately invites us to partake in a world where the city becomes your primary weapon, one that is deadly if it falls into the right hands. There is no doubt that I will be getting a copy, but the question is: Which console?

Watch Dogs will launch towards the end of November for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. Dates for next-gen consoles have yet to be revealed. Continue to tune in for more Watch Dogs coverage and breaking news.

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