Jun 12, 2013

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New Screenshots Of Blackguards Released

New Screenshots Of Blackguards Released


Today, Daedalic Entertainment released new screenshots for their upcoming turn-based RPG that focuses on combat, Blackguards. It is in these screenshots that we are given a glimpse at how the combat will be in this recent and darkest interpretation of the Dark Eye’s universe.

The life of the protagonist in Blackguards has taken a rather bleak turn. Accused of murder and sentenced to death, he now is an outlaw who flees to his homeland with a ragtag group of bandits and misfits. In the land of Ascania, they hope to regain their freedom as they elude the long arm of the law. But this land of slave mongers and prisoners houses a much worse threat: The Shadow of the evil God  without a Name.

With more than 190 individual battle maps that contain fully interactive objects and strategically challenging situations, players will be taken to exotic and deadly locations.

[Source: Daedalic Entertainment]