Jun 12, 2013

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Final Fantasy XV Receives a Beautiful Gameplay Trailer

Final Fantasy XV Receives a Beautiful Gameplay Trailer



Fresh out of Monday’s announcement during Sony E3 conference, Square Enix have today released a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV, (well, Versus XIII under a new name.)

The 3 and a half minute trailer features new gameplay, showing off the action style gameplay while still feeling like a Final Fantasy title. Three options can be seen in the left corner, these are Warp, Attack and Linkform. The party’s health can be seen on the bottom right, with the main character (or leader,) having some sort of gauge below it, this might limit the amount of warping or linkform you can do. Swimming as well as stealth will be entering the series for the first time as well, looks like Square Enix have taken many ideas from their western titles.

The game looks beautiful running on next gen hardware, and as a fan of the series seeing the game like this makes me very excited for next gen. Catch the brand new trailer below, and keep up with Vivid Gamer for E3 previews all this week.


Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Trailer

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[Source: Square Enix]