Jun 10, 2013

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Will Killer Instinct Be a System Seller?

Will Killer Instinct Be a System Seller?


Today at E3, Rare announced a brand new recreation of Killer Instinct, exclusive to its parent company’s console, the Xbox One. The graphics went more Street Fighter IV-ish, having sleek details to Sabrewulf’s fur, like that of X-men’s feral Beast, opposed to the photogenic look of the Super Nintendo mortal Kombat era.

However, one has to question if this game will have enough impact on the sales of the Xbox One, a $499 console. The game, while sleek, did not seem to wow me as much, because of fighting game king Street Fighter’s already felt presence in the graphics era. Furthermore, the gameplay did not seem to impress, and very little knowledge is given about a franchise known to have a very empty story for it.

Also while having a fanbase, I never felt that the fighting franchise had enough of a loyalty for it to sell an entire console like the Super Nintendo or the Nintendo 64.However, there does seem to be a possibility for great things in the future for the franchise.

What if there was an X-men Vs Street Fighter Vs Tekken Vs Killer Instinct? Beast vs Sabrewulf!  Evil Jago vs Hatsui no Hadou Ryu! Yay!

Let us know if you think Killer Instinct will be one of the system sellers for Microsoft come November.