Jun 10, 2013

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Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Live Blog

Ubisoft E3 Press Conference Live Blog


Ubisoft is set to give their E3 press conference at 3pm PDT/6pm EST. While you can expect to see a ton of new information on franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Rayman, the surprises Ubisoft has in store should be more than worth the wait. In light of fan-favorites like Mirror’s Edge 2 and Killer Instinct being announced today, it might not be so crazy to anticipate the long-awaited Beyond Good & Evil 2, or a new installment in the Prince of Persia series. Check back here for a live blog of all the new games and news as it happens.

16:17 pm

Ubisoft conference now complete. This is Rubin signing off to the guitar solo of Jerry Cantrell.

16:16 pm

With a cryptic warning of danger at any moment, fake money rains from the ceiling.

16:15 pm

The Division is meant for co-op. A more serious Borderlands.

16:12 pm

The Division trailer features a lot of squad banter, talent trees, enemy tagging, cover-based shoot-outs.


16:10 pm

A second, gameplay trailer for The Division begins, showing squad in action on a snowy city street.

16:08 pm

Massive Entertainment’s creative director here to talk about The Division.

16:06 pm

One more reveal, open-world RPG! Text-heavy trailer about money and pathogens and Black Friday infections.

16:03 pm

Trials Frontier announced for mobile platforms.


16:01 pm

New game announced,  Trials Fusion!

15:58 pm

AC4 features underwater shipwrecks and Mayan temples. Immersive, open-world experience.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

15:57 pm

Creative Director for AC4, Jean Guesdon, discusses 2 year development, allure of pirates.

15:55 pm

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag trailer features naval battles and bar brawls set to Sigur Ros. Action-packed.

15:52 pm

We move on now to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. New pirate-filled trailer.

15:51 pm

Using Xbox One’s Kinect, kids can, for instance, shoot eggs at the Rabbits on the tv show itself.

15:49 pm

Rabbids Invasions: The Interactive TV Show. Adrian Lacey, IP Business Director, to elaborate.

15:47 pm

The Rabbids are back. The excitable bunnies now have a tv show on Nick. Rabbids Invasion.


15:45 pm

Just Dance DJ on a tablet, and your moves affect the music now. October 2013.

15:45 pm

Just Dance 2014 just announced. Featuring One Direction, and 6 person dances.


15:44 pm

Watch Dogs set in an open-world Chicago.

15:42 pm

Watch Dogs narrative trailer. Voiced over by the main character, threatening vengeance.


15:39 pm

Dominique Guay now here to talk about the impressive-looking Watch Dogs

15:38 pm

Second Screen Experience: Cars in The Crew can be customized and made ready from a tablet or phone.

15:37 pm

Applause follows a slightly Burnout-like crash during the co-op mission. A rival crew then arrives.

15:35 pm

The Crew demo now touts its in-depth customization options.

15:32 pm

Thousands of quest-like trials for cash and parts. The Crew demo shows the game from POV of multiple players each doing something different.

15:30 pm

The Crew is an online, persistent game. Every mission, event, race can be co-op. Object is to infiltrate, take over criminal world. Live play session now starts.

maxresdefault (1)

15:29 pm

Spokesman for The Crew, Julian Gerighty, creative director, begins to talk about variety and the adventures of driving.

15:27 pm

The Crew shows a small group of customized cars escaping the cops and taking down armored cars. As they race away, real-life photos of gamers the world over pop up on top of the cars. Early 2014.

15:25 pm

New game announced, The Crew.  Trailer begins with a car being put together from the wheels up as pounding techno plays.

15:24 pm

Ubisoft Co-Founder/CEO, Yves Guillemot is now on stage to discuss next gen gaming. Aisha Tyler towers over him.

15:23 pm

At some point in this game, the player will receive…instruction from Randy Marsh. Out this fall. Should be hilarious.

15:21 pm

South Park The Stick of Truth is now being shown.


15:20 pm

Cartoony trailer now showing for Mighty Quest. Parody style. Mockumentary-esque. Like The Office but less subtle.


15:19 pm

Go to MightyQuest.com to give the beta a shot.

15:18 pm

Now, news on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. A game about stealing from your neighbor and protecting your own stuff.

15:16 pm

Musical maps, over 120 levels, touted as the biggest Rayman ever.

15:15 pm

Rayman Legends, out September 3rd.

Rayman Legends  -- 5

15:14 pm

Trailer is bright and colorful and well-animated. A little girl with an axe leaps through portals in canvases and hurts baddies. Adorable.

15:13 pm

A trailer for Rayman Legends has now begun.

15:11 pm

A trailer for Blacklist is now playing. Sam vs. a group of terrorists called The Engineers, who call their attacks as part of a Blacklist.


15:09 pm

Spies vs. Mercs mode is back.

15:08 pm

Splinter Cell Blacklist arrives on August 20th of this year.

15:07 pm

Alice in Chains is confirmed for Rocksmith 2014.

15:06 pm

The wonderful Aisha Tyler, Lana Kane from Archer, is now on stage to host.

15:04 pm

Rocksmith 2014

15:04 pm

Cantrell vocally commands a synth and a backing band performance. It appears to be Rock Band.

15:01 pm

Continuing the trend of musicians presenting games, Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains opens with a guitar solo.


15:00 pm

Here we go. The lights dim and Ubisoft begins…

14:51 pm

The Ubisoft press conference begins in about 10 short minutes.