Jun 10, 2013

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PS4 Hardware Revealed, Priced At $399

PS4 Hardware Revealed, Priced At $399


At Sony’s press conference earlier this evening, Sony wowed the audience with major revelations, including the long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 and taking a very different stance on used games from their rival, Microsoft.

Among the revelations were the final hardware design for the console, previously withheld. It most closely resembles the PS2, and is black and boxy with a slant. It’s actually four “boxes” stacked together to create a “simple but modern design.”

The console is a matte black, and can be placed either standing or flat, depending on preference, and will feature a 500GB harddrive at launch.

The best news is the console will retail this holiday season for $399 in the US and Canada, € 399 in Europe, and £ 349 in the UK , putting it at a cool Benjamin below the Xbox One.

Combined with a first-year lineup that promises 20 games including 12 new IPs, Sony definitely seems to have a potential edge over Microsoft.

The PS4 (along with several games mentioned during the conference) are available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

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