Jun 10, 2013

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Project X Zone Limited Edition Details

Project X Zone Limited Edition Details

Project X Zone, the strategy RPG coming to the Nintendo 3DS this month on June 25th, will be having a Limited Edition that is still available for pre-order at Gamestop. Before diving into the goodies you’ll be getting in this special packaged version of the game, let’s go over what this game is all about. For those of you that don’t know yet, Project X Zone brings together 50 of your favorite and most memorable characters from a surprising collaboration between SEGA, Namco Bandai, and Capcom. A rift in space, time space continuum destroyed, blah blah blah.

Regardless of the why they’re together, what matters the most is the fact that some of the most iconic Japanese video game characters are together in the same game. The game integrates an overall strategic, tactical grid-based game with individual battle playing out in realtime combat. While the turn-based strategy might turn off fans of fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighter (characters from both included in the game), the realtime battles will play out much more familiar and appealing to fighting fans. The battles are combo-based having the familiar button pressing extravaganza that will have you button mashing your way to victory.

Interested yet? Great! Now, how ’bout that Limited Edition version of the game? Featuring exclusive limited edition packaging not found in the regular retail editions of the game, this is total fan service. The love letter continues with an exclusive mini poster and art book to gaze at while listening to the official soundtrack, containing a montage of well-known music from various franchises that you already know and love. For more on the Project X Zone Limited Edition, including a full review in the future, keep it locked right here and pre-order the game right here.