Jun 10, 2013

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Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live Blog

Microsoft E3 Press Conference Live Blog

xbox one reveal


Wondering how Microsoft will do after their Xbox Reveal event a few weeks ago? well now is the time to find out, as Microsoft Kicks off this year’s E3 with their conference.

Below will be a live blog of all the action as it takes place, what will be announced, what new features for the Xbox One will be shown, find out as we do, and keep up with all the action below.


11:12 am

I will leave you with my highlight Killer Instinct


11:12 am

Until next time Steve signing out hope you all enjoyed the live blog

11:11 am

With that keep a eye on Vivid Gamer for stories throughout the day for more on all these games

11:10 am

Sadly however nothing on the used games or always online at the conference

11:09 am

Halo 5 Dead Rising 3 Killer Instinct returning some great announcement

11:08 am

Sooo Xbox One launches in November for 499 USD 429 UKP

11:06 am

With that trailer the Xbox conference comes to a close

11:06 am

Spring 2014 for Xbox One

11:03 am

Titan Fall showing what the Xbox One can do


11:00 am

Titan Fall Confirmed

10:59 am

One More Thing


10:57 am

Launch in November

10:57 am

Price, 499 Dollars 429 UK Pounds

10:56 am

Halo 5 confirmed for 2014

10:54 am


10:52 am

Black Tusks looks good

10:51 am

What looks to be a new Capybara game is being shown

10:49 am

Battlelog says Press Backspace to view

10:47 am

The game does look very beautiful in the graphics department however

10:47 am

BOOM BOOM BOOM wouldnt be E3 with explosions

10:45 am

After we find out we ARE continuing the game looks great


10:44 am

And finally we go

10:43 am

seem like the demo is showing a few issues

10:42 am

Battlefield 4 time

10:41 am

Witcher 3 Gameplay is looking beautiful


10:39 am

Witcher 3 time confirmed for Xbox One

10:38 am

Dead Rising out this holiday only on Xbox One

10:37 am

You can use smartglass to call in airstrikes

10:37 am

driving and running over zombies talk about crazy

10:36 am

You can take items and create items anywhere

10:35 am

Open World with no loading times

10:34 am

The lighting on this game looks fantastic

10:33 am

Zombies on next generation systems


10:32 am

Dead Rising 3 has been announced

10:31 am

Crimson and Dragon sorry about that

10:31 am

Prince and Dragons the new game features no SOUND

10:30 am

You can share your Xbox Live Gold membership

10:29 am

BYE BYE Microsoft Points

10:29 am

Xbox One will have unlimited friend lists

10:28 am

Twitch streaming confirmed for Xbox One

10:28 am

Game video sharing confirmed for Xbox One

10:27 am

The new Killer Instinct looks great


10:25 am

Next generation Smartglass is being shown

10:21 am

As a game designer this looks like a great idea

10:20 am

Project Spar turning building a game ito a game

10:19 am

Project Spark being shown with talking KINECT DEMO INCOMING

10:18 am

We now have a Dave on stage

10:17 am

D4 coming to Xbox One

10:16 am

Looking beautiful


10:15 am

Set to break the different between TV and Games

10:14 am

Quantum Break is now on stage

10:13 am

Minecraft is coming to Xbox One

10:12 am

Phil Harrison is now talking about Indie games

10:12 am

Forza 5 will launch with Xbox One

10:11 am

That car is looking very nice


10:10 am

Trailer now, all in game footage

10:09 am

I got to admit this is really cleaver

10:09 am

Drivatar, picks up how you race and uses it as AI

10:07 am

Forza 5 is now being shown OH LOOK A CAR


10:05 am

It looking great too


10:04 am

Sunset Overdrive is Insomniacs new Xbox One game It open world too

10:03 am

Killer Instinct is BACK, and Only on Xbox One



10:02 am

Ryse to launch with the xbox one

10:01 am

With that the Ryse demo ends

10:00 am

A example of fighting


09:59 am

More fighting being shown but again QTEs are a big part

09:58 am

Full on roman wars it a shame however combat involves QTEs

09:57 am

Looks like special attacks can be done via quicktime events

09:56 am

Gameplay is now being showed


09:55 am

The graphics look fantastic this shows the power of the Xbox One

09:55 am

This looks like a interesting game it called Ryse



09:53 am

Dark Souls 2 is looking to be GREAT

09:52 am

Another trailer now, showing a man in a helmet fighting what looks to be gods

09:51 am

Max The Curse of Brotherhood

09:50 am

A new game from a studio based in Denmark

09:50 am

World of Tanks is free to play

09:49 am

YOU take the seat of the most powerful tanks

09:47 am

World of Tanks, ONLY on Xbox 360

09:47 am

over 100 games coming to Xbox 360 in the next year

09:45 am

2 FREE games for xbox live gold members, Halo 3 and Assassin Creed 3 included

09:45 am

New Xbox 360 Design, released today

09:43 am

It all about the GAMES

09:41 am

The music is fantastic too

09:40 am

Kiefer sounds great as Snake

09:39 am

Some fantastic stealth gameplay being shown off

09:38 am

Looks to be Metal Gear Solid 5


09:36 am

A Konami game is being shown, horses and all

09:36 am

It time people

09:35 am

It begins

09:33 am

The system is launching in November according to Rare

09:32 am

there going to be a big surprise at the beginning of the show

09:31 am

Seems like there a delay a e3 conference with a delay is the true e3 conference

09:28 am

We are about to begin

09:25 am

That good to hear after the Xbox One reveal

09:24 am

Microsoft have confirmed today conference will mostly be games

09:23 am

7 minutes until it begins

09:18 am

Your live blogger for this morning is Steve

09:18 am

Under 15 minutes to go

09:02 am

Good morning or Afternoon all, 30 minutes to go