Jun 10, 2013

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Elder Scrolls Online Arriving for Next-Gen, Next Year

Elder Scrolls Online Arriving for Next-Gen, Next Year



For the past twenty years, Bethesda Studios has been robbing gamers of their free time by offering them massive, immaculately detailed worlds filled with memorable characters and stories. The Elder Scrolls series is known for games that most players simply never get around to finishing, not out of a lack of interest, but out of an overabundance of things to do off the beaten path. This trend looks to continue into the realm of MMOs with The Elder Scrolls Online. News broke recently that the game will launch on both the PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the already-announced PC and Mac versions. Even better, the game will arrive soon for all four platforms in Spring of 2014.




Set across the wide, near endless world of Tamriel, players assume the role of an adventurer in another large-scale quest to save the kingdom. The fun spell-casting and first-person combat the series has long been known for have been confirmed for the MMO title as well. The twist with The Elder Scrolls Online comes from the flexibility of how you wish to play it. It’s entirely possible to play with friends, or take part in massive PVP battles as you desire. The concept of the game meeting the preference of the gamer was a design decision taken to heart, as stated by game director, Matt Firor.

We are thrilled to bring this game to consoles, in addition to the PC and Mac. It’s something our fans have been requesting since we first announced the title, and something our team is excited to offer. Everyone will be able to play The Elder Scrolls Online the way they want to play.



Following the runaway success of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gamers the world over have quite a bit of reason to be excited for a return to the endless – and endlessly fun – adventures in Tamriel.

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