Jun 9, 2013

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Watch Dogs E3 Trailer Leaked Ahead of Time

Watch Dogs E3 Trailer Leaked Ahead of Time

“You think you’re untouchable? I’m here to shatter your illusions.”

Ubisoft’s E3 2013 trailer for Watch Dogs has been leaked although the details or how and when are not certain. For all you fans out there, here’s your chance to take a closer look at this anticipated game that will be showcased during the conference tomorrow. The trailer’s graphics demonstrates an impressive manipulation of CGI with Aiden Pearce taking center stage to showcase his hacking capabilities. It seems a little ironic that a leaked video of this particular game would emerge just a day before the expo, which leaves me to wonder if Ubisoft has a hidden agenda or if Pearce himself is sending us a message about our current media world. Be sure to watch the video while you still can just in case it gets taken down within the next few hours.

[Source: All Games Beta Video: Vimeo]